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Today was freezing cold but the park [Lake Elkhorn] was beautiful, as usual. I got some really good videos, but not so many pictures. When I finally did press the shutter button this is what I got.

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Creek and Forest

More than a foot of snow fell. Since church was canceled I deciced to walk a mile trough snow (the county nor the federal goverment shovels there paths) to this creek, to get some classic winter pictures.

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Snow at night

This is the very first post to the Take5 blog ran by Joshua Davis. Also the storm in that picture is the first storm of 2006 for the Mid-Atlantic. More than one foot of snow fell, and best of all the officials over at Fairfax County decided to close down schools. That means two three day weekends in a row.

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$700 My name is Joshua Davis, with that information I'm still anonymous, 22 million results appear with a Google search. Since you know I like photography search for my name plus photography and you'll find me near the front of Google. Of course there's more to me than photography, I program, write, and fool around with Photoshop.

I was born 45 minutes – walking distance – from where I am writing this biography, in a not so suburban suburb of Washington DC. That was in November 1990. I've always been interested in how things work. When I was young instead of playing with a toy in the “normal” way I'd investigate why the wheel turned, or what made the remote control vehicle drive.

Both my mother, dad, granddad, and step mother, have either worked in the computer science field, or are working in it now. Both my mother and dad sparked my interest in computers. On one visit my dad introduced me to Hypertext Markup Language, commonly know as HTML. I learned the basics and made lots of “ugly” websites. I later became interested in real programing and started learning C, the worlds most used programing language.

My grandmother introduced me to photography. Five years ago I'd see her every Saturday, and she would buy me a disposable Kodak camera. That Christmas she bought me a $99 digital camera. I sold photos from that camera and soon upgraded to the Fuji Finepix S5000, a much better camera.

Since then my photos have been used in textbooks, to many websites to mention, and many local publications. As of June 2006 my photos had been downloaded/viewed over 40,000 times.

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