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Fathers Day

PrisonHappy fathers day, God. For many that is the only father in our life. Thankfully I have a father, I know his name, and talk to him every Sunday. But many of us don’t. For those who have a father, he may have been a bad father.

Many of the faults of my dad I apply to God. I talk to my dad once a week, and I talked to God once a week. That’s not fair to God, because he does so many things for me everyday. More than a dad could do, even if he lived with me. What helps me is to treat God, and dad as separate beings.

But that’s also one reason it’s so important for Christian fathers to be Christlike. Since God designed families to model humans relationships with him. A father is supposed to love his children, just like God loves his children. God also disciplines his children, but God is completely fair when he disciplines us. When a father fails to instill respect in his children via discipline he fails to instill a respect for God.

A word of note about the elephant image. The sermon at my church today was about – surprise! Fathers Day. The pastor told how elephants in Africa grew up without parents. Before the parents where introduced again to the babies, the children where literally wild. They would attack other animals, which elephants normally don’t do. When the parents came back the, baby elephants started behaving. I had written this post on Saturday, but couldn’t find a image to go with it, the elephant story gave me this picture to post.


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