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Google Evil?

Computer Data OutputGoogle, drop the tagline, “We’re Not Evil.” Google is materializing into a dirty player in the electronic sector. They’re better than Microsoft, contributing dozens of patches to the open source WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator) project. But they squash competitors, and don’t give much back to open source.

After it’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) Google changed. It has the facade of a “Hip, open company.” Google will become the next Microsoft. They have nearly completed all the pieces for a online (and possibly off line) operating system. They’ve spreed sheet, word processor, Email client, calender, and drawing programs. Recently they created a version Minesweeper. Most of these programs use open source tools like PHP, and Linux. But the programs themselves aren’t open.

Then comes Google squeezing out the competition. Google recently started construction of a new server farm. Internal research concluded that the longer a search query takes to load, the less likely a visitor will view the page. The real reason they’re making themselves faster is to squeeze out future competition, and competition like Yahoo! or

But at least Google still gives back some. The Summer of Code project sponsors open source programmers to create and improve features of popular open source programs. As mentioned above they gave dozens of patches to the WINE project. The IPO has helped Google challenge the Microsoft stronghold. The less Microsoft, the more up and comers and open source projects can concentrate on development, not patent suits.


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