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Web 4.0: The End of PCs?

Forget bulky laptops, or droppable PDAs. The two things you’d need for a computer anywhere would be glasses and a watch.

The watch acts as a thin client. If you play a 3D game all rendering would be done on say, Google’s servers. It then “pushes” the images to your “watch” which sends a wireless signal to your glasses. The glasses display an image which appears to be three feet away. The Internet connectivity is provided by EVDO-like technology. Weather on a plane or Antarctica you’d always be near the Internet and your data.

Text input is as easy as speaking, the watch recognizes what you’re saying. The mouse is controlled by eye movements. If you lose the watch no problem, your “hard drive” is stored at central place like Windows Live servers.

And all those other electronic gadgets you carry like the cellphone, digital camera, USB drive could be integrated into the device.


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