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Ubuntu Is Still For Geeks

Today I upgraded Ubuntu from the 6.10 version. Nothing bad happened during the upgrade process. Nothing bad happened during boot up, in fact I was presented a prettier screen. But when X Windows tried to start it encounters an error. This causes X to crash. Then I’m presented with the “ugly” command line. Now I have no fear of the command line, but if I put my shoes on my grandmother or sister, and they’d be panicked.

I found out that it was trying to load an ATI driver that must have been removed during the upgrade. I change the driver back to the open source FGLRX driver, and was presented with the GUI. But until Linux distributions can get their act together it will remain for nerds. Which is fine with me, but it’s not fine if you’re trying to down Microsoft.
On the other hand the boot screen is nicer. Some of the icons I though where ugly have been improved, though a new Scribus logo would be nice. This isn’t a major upgrade IMHO, but it’s more of an application upgrade. This year hasn’t been that great for innovation for Linux. But hey it’s still ahead of Vista.

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Fun With Mag Lights

I recently took a picture with a flower from my garden, and used a mag light to back light it. Apparently I was not the only one who did that. I did a search on flickr for mag light and got 400 results.

Here’s my version,
Sun Flower

…And some non flower related ones. Not by me.

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Teen Photo Magazine

Teen Photo Magazine is an ezine published 8 times a year, made by teens, and for teens.

I originally worked with a project CL!CK, an original member who claimed to be the founder wanted me out of the project. Previously it had been dormant for 1+ year, and I reinvigorated it. They where active for about two months after that, but after that nothing had been done.

So I decided to start Teen Photo Magazine. It will be published 8 times a year, 5 times in the school year, 3 times in the summer. The project will have strong leadership, unique articles, and will be published on time.

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Yahoo! Targeted Ads

I was recently at a website looking at an article on why/why not people should buy an DSLR. The whole article was about photography. Not a single word about abortion (OK the word shoot was used a few times), nothing about sex (well maybe the word sucks, but hey no one gets pregnant from that), and well it just made me wonder if Yahoo! will get it’s act together about targeted ads.

What was the advert about? Abortions in Manhattan. Google can tell the difference between Java coffee, Java (programming language used for online games, and more), and the island of Java. And if Yahoo! can’t tell the difference between an article about buying an SLR, and family planning, then they shouldn’t wonder why no on uses their service.

The page was here BTW.

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