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Ubuntu Is Still For Geeks

Today I upgraded Ubuntu from the 6.10 version. Nothing bad happened during the upgrade process. Nothing bad happened during boot up, in fact I was presented a prettier screen. But when X Windows tried to start it encounters an error. This causes X to crash. Then I’m presented with the “ugly” command line. Now I have no fear of the command line, but if I put my shoes on my grandmother or sister, and they’d be panicked.

I found out that it was trying to load an ATI driver that must have been removed during the upgrade. I change the driver back to the open source FGLRX driver, and was presented with the GUI. But until Linux distributions can get their act together it will remain for nerds. Which is fine with me, but it’s not fine if you’re trying to down Microsoft.
On the other hand the boot screen is nicer. Some of the icons I though where ugly have been improved, though a new Scribus logo would be nice. This isn’t a major upgrade IMHO, but it’s more of an application upgrade. This year hasn’t been that great for innovation for Linux. But hey it’s still ahead of Vista.


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