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Cowon iAudio X5: Reviewed

The iAudio X5 is a portable media player made a Korean company called Cowon. It plays MP3, Ogg, Free Lossles Audio Codec, WMA, FM-Radio, pictures, and video (divx and mpeg4).

At first I was disappointed by the device. It continually failed to mount as read+write on Ubuntu 6.0, and I thought I had been shafted. The technical support was horrible and offer no relevant advice.

Then I atached the device to my sisters Windows laptop, and it worked perfectly. Playback sounds excellent, even with the supplied headphones. When watching a four minute video it will skip a few times, but with 1.25 inch screen you won’t be doing to much video viewing.

At first the user interface seems chaotic, and hard to learn. And don’t turn to the manual as it provides little information. But once you get a hang of the controls it makes a lot of sense.

The ultimate test of weather a product is good is if you’ll buy another one from the same company. I would defiantly buy another one, but would be careful who I recommend it to. Learn more at the X5 website.


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