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Digital Highway Robbery

So I was adding another $15 iTunes prepaid gift card to my iTunes account. I had 15 cents left over. iTunes decided that it would take that 15 cents, and instead of giving me a new balance of $15.15, I had a balance of $15.00. Imagine all those extra 5, 10, and 15 cents from the iTunes Store adding up in Apple’s bank account.

If they feel like taking the extra money they should say a $15 card is worth 15 songs, one movie, or 8 music videos.

Then I was looking into online storage from AOL’s new product, XDrive, they charge 1 dollar per month per gigabyte of storage. That’ is no where near competive. You can get a web site with 250 GB of storage for $5 per month.


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  1. sol says:

    See, that’s called, “nickel and diming” and many, many companies do it. I wonder if that sort of income is taxable? (Should be.. just.. because).

    I see you use the Fuji FinePix s5000. I used one as well for a very long time. Kind of miss it actually — will have to add to my Canon lenses to get the kind of macro I was able to focus down on with the Fuji.

    Enjoyed your blog.

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