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On Gun Control

In Philadelphia, the murder rate is 30/100,000, for the murders of African Americans (source). That’s 5 times the national average, and more than the average for blacks, which is 19/100,000. Banning guns isn’t the option, because that would give more power to criminals.

I myself have wondered if I should own a gun. Sometimes it seems like a necessity, but I know have anger issues, so probably would never get one. Perhaps the government should require new gun owners to take a mental test.

Unfortunately a lot of guns (and even murder services) are sold on the street. One reason is because there aren’t enough desirable jobs. In Washington, D.C. the government had extra summer jobs set aside, but apparently they weren’t good enough. Many businesses don’t want to open in the “dangerous” side of town, so students should be offered free bus passes so they can take jobs in the downtown at Starbucks, or other “prestigious” places.

Another option is to limit the amount of guns a household can own, to two. If a person was found to be in violation they could no longer posses any more guns. After that community service in a jail, picking up garbage, or other undesirable activities. Then jail.

Sending criminals to jail for gun violation also is not a solution. Jail causes more guns to spread to the streets. A families income is cut by more than half, the children will often roam the streets, and be angry at the system that took, most likely, their father away. Anger and boredom both contribute to gun violence.

It’s a hard task to eliminate gun violence, but the key is to work on the personal level, which is the number one motivator of such issues.


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