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Lakes Detected under Antartica?

Lasers beamed from space have detected what researchers have long suspected: big sloshing lakes of water underneath Antarctic ice. Read the story.A sea wall. In the future such walls will become more prevalent due to global warming.

My first thought on reading this was global warming. Later the article stated “It was not global warming, the water is 2300 feet under the ice, too deep to be melted.” It might not be green house gases affecting this, but geothermic activity. The earth maybe warming up in part due to natural issues, but humankind still needs to reduce the amount of heat we produce.

My number one concern (which is pretty selfish) on global warming is the absence of sandy beaches. Many beach towns have development practically next to the water. These multi-million dollar hotel/condo complexes the owners will not want them be damaged, neither will the people who own private beach houses. What will be done to prevent the waters from doing this? A sea wall. So when you go to the beach you’ll be seeing waves crash against a massive cement wall. Oh and you wanna swim? Just remember the waves will slam you against this wall.


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