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Cuba Embracing More Socialism

Cuba is making a move to ditch Microsoft Corp, and it’s capitalistic monopoly. They are slowly switching to Linux, and open source based solutions. Venezuela, which is heading quickly towards a socialistic form of government, is also aiding in this switch.

Linux, and open source software are about the word free. Free as in price, free as in freedom. It is the first true manifestion of communism the world has seen without a dictorial government behind the move. Open source programs are often run by loosely associated developers, and they have to vote on changes to be made. In fact Bill Gates even said “some new modern-day sort of communists,” referring to open source.

Many national goverments have already got rid of Microsoft, now state agencies are working on  getting rid of the monopoply. Cuba views it as an issue of national security, they fear that US intelicgence agencies might be using “specialized” version of Windows, and Office, to spy on them.


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