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New Senate Bill To Ban, Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia

Senator Ted Stevens (made famous by his Internet is a series of tubes statement) wants to ban “interactive” websites from schools and libraries. Since Yahoo!, Google, and WikiPedia all can considered interactive sites they could be banned. The name of this bill is S.49.

In short the text of the bill attempts to ban commercial social networking sites, which fails to take into account that online predators use non-commercial ones too. A social networking site is defined as “A place where a person can create a personalized profile, message other users, and, allows for a journal.” That’s actually a good definition considering man thinks the Internet is a bunch of tubes.

Yahoo operates several “social networking” sites include MyWeb, and Yahoo! 360. Since Google has done a good job of integrating chat/email, journaling, social networking, and other services the Google kingdom could be considered a social site. Guess that means students can no longer use it for research.

Currently WikiPedia is a not-for profit, but they maintain the right to become a commercial site by banning content restricted from commercial use. WikiPedia also allows for messaging, journaling, and a profile.


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