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Is Spanking Abuse?

A California lawmaker dropped her push to make spanking illegal, and instead seeks to limit certain types of discipline.

From personal experience I can say spanking is good. My mother disciplined both me and my sister with a belt, and in latter years with a ruler. Sometimes it would cross the line, like when a ruler split in a half. But in our teen years me and my sister obey our mother (and authority) more than most young people.

One time my mother had her friend at a historical black church, and her white friend asked “Why are the children so well behaved?” The service was one of those three hour events. The reason is because African-Americans are more likely to discipline their children. This follows historical reasons, if a black child where to steal a candy bar from a store, the entire black community in the town might suffer. So disobeying parents was possibly a matter of life and death.

Another time an anti physical discipline parent complained to the Children Protective Services about us being spanked. CPS investigated, and found nothing wrong. But what if they had found it to be abuse? I’d probably be in a foster-care system dealing with who knows what.

Unfortunately African-Americans – inparticular – are moving away from this, and the result is having an obvious impact on African-Americans, and the entire community.  If California where to ban spanking, lets just say the state would have many more problems with crime, drugs, unwanted pregnancies, and a generally dysfunctional society.

The lawmaker has now reached a compromise and will ban certain types of spanking, such as using a belt, or a switch. But my dad was displined with an electrial cord, so clearly this bill is still a failure in preventing abuse.


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5 Responses

  1. Publius says:

    If you read the bill you will find that it does outlaw using an electrical cord specifically.

  2. I believe you, but I don’t have time to read every piece of legislation I blog about, but I try too. Thanks for informing me.

  3. jessie says:

    Hi Joshua! I totally agree with your post! Kids are crazed today; all you have to do is go to Walmart and see (or hear). We discipline our children, and they are very well behaved. I have a two year old who has learned that tantrums get her the opposite of what she’s whining for, but who is also very joyful and loves hanging out with us very much!

  4. AH says:

    I think (and research supports it) that spanking is generally negative. But trying to outlaw it just leads to huge problems. What are you going to do if a fit mother spanks a child during a moment of frustration in the cereal aisle? Put the kid into the foster care system. That would be far worse than spanking…

  5. Joshua says:

    I understand were you come from. But I have a question, what should the punishment be for parents that physically punish their kids?

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