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Obama’s Flaws

Fox news has found these “dirty secrets” from Obama, but from a conservative view what is wrong with them?

1: He smokes.

Most congressman do smoke, in fact Nancy Pelosi banned smoking near the house floor, and many lawmakers where ticked by that. Bush also received 60 million dollars in donations from tobacco companies for his 2000 presidential run.

2: Barack Obama does nothing for African-Americans.

Why should this be a problem? Conservatives want to get rid of “special interest” groups anyways.

3: Connections to Islam.

Some have concerns about Obomas middle name, Hussien, and his Muslim father. Isn’t Bush a person who rubs his Christainity in everyones face? So whats wrong a “covert” to Christianity becoming president?


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4 Responses

  1. wow says:

    Yeah, so let’s look at Bush; it’s not too often you get a president with a 26% approval rating. So make sure you use him as a good example.

    Fox News is a load of crap. Try getting more reliable sources ..

    or CORRECT ONES, at least.

  2. wow says:

    Scratch that. I misread your entry. ):

  3. yitayal says:

    who cares if he smokes or not or if his middle name is is a known fact that he wont win the election.
    we all want to see our COUNTRY wash her hands with poor iraqis blood and get rich stealing other pples thats why we need Mccain.

  4. Joshua says:

    My point in this post was to highlight that Obama doesn’t have any big issues over his head, it’s only petty stuff. On the other hand we have the “package deal” of the Clinton’s which includes Bill’s cheating, and we have a man that wants to pretend like he’s not going to continue Bush’s failed policies.

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