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Virginia Apoligizes for Slavery

The state of Virginia passed a resolution (I’m getting tired of these… thinking about the Iraq one right now) saying they express “Profound regret,” for slavery. Among those who voted yes, was the man who said “Blacks should just get over slavery.”

The resolution also expressed regret for “The exploitation of Native Americans.” At first I was angered by the fact that it was only an apology. Then I realized, one, it would be hard to prove who where slaves in Virgina. But then it also issued an apology to the Native Americans, they easily could have included  a provision to repay them for the stolen land, murders, and sometimes slavery. Unlike American blacks, Native Americans generally know what tribe they came from.

And at very least they could have taken down the Statues that line Richmond roads of Confederate heros who claimed the lives of both blacks and Native Americans. But they only issued an apology. I, as a black man, don’t view it as an apology because there where no actions to prove it.


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  1. Jon says:

    The civil war was part of our white history, that will never change. Statues will remain erect. It’s time for all african-americans to GET OVER SLAVERY. Your free ride has gone far enough. I think anyone that works hard and earns a good living in the country deserves to voice their opinion, but there are to many who cry and complain and want welfare for them and their 10 kids. All races included! Get off you lazy ass and find a job

  2. My forefathers never owner any slaves so why should I apology.Why don”t the blacks move on instead of saying that we should apology.The native americans should be apology to.

  3. Mike says:

    Who cares what happened 200 years ago. Blacks should apologize to blacks for selling each other off. It was buyers market! Let them go back to Africa. Thank God for sickle cell.

  4. Jasus Murphy!!!! How long or the Blacks going to “ride this dead horse.” The U.S. didn’t invent slavery,slavery goes back to pre-Roman eras!!! Its been 200 years now and they’re still whing,its unfortunate,we all agree on that,every one I know is opposed to slavery,I can’t think of a single person who is callling for slavery to be reinstated,or is pro-slavery!!! Why not quiit crying about something NO ONE can do a damn thing about,attend one of Bill Cosby speeches,clean up your collective act,tune in and listen carefuly to Larry Elder on talk radio,stop dropping kids like rabbits in order to receive a larger WELFARE CHECK,PUT DOWN THE WINE BOTTLE,AND GET TO WORK LIKE THE MEXICANS WHO ARE COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY BY THE THOUSANDS EVERY DAY ARE DOING!!!! (MOST OF THEM CAN’T EVEN SPEAK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND THEY’RE WORKING !!!) The black race by and large have a tremendous case of “the Gimme’s,” they can be likened to a Hound dog sitting on a thistle,he will howl like HELL but he is to LAZY to get up!!!

  5. Mike says:

    I am still hurting from when William the Conqueror took over my home town in Englang in the 12th century. Grow up and get over black people. Put down the malt liquor and chicken wings Keep your kids on a leash so they don’t go to prison and get jobs. The American dream is yours but you need to WORK for it

  6. Joshua Davis says:

    I actually do believe in what you’re saying you should read the article I wrote on the Confederate flag.

    James Werdebaugh
    Yeah, I understand that many whites never owned any slaves. But everyone in America benefited from the system. Just like I benefit from the near slave like conditions in Chinese factories, yet I’m not exactly the one who mistreats them.

    It’s true that many Africans sold their fellow brothers into slavery. But if somebody offers to sell you a stolen car, and you take it knowing it’s stolen, you’ve also perpetrated the crime.

    Bill McElrath
    You should read what I wrote about how my family went from starving to middle class life without any traditional welfare help (food stamps, section 8 housing…)

    Actually what you wrote about hurting from William the Conqueror, is true. There are many Scotish, Irish, and other people under British rule who want independence and still have hard feelings for Britain conquering them.

  7. Mike says:

    Who cares

  8. Sam says:

    I am curious, as a white man, to know whether there is a strong debate on these types of issues within the black community. I feel that, as a white man, it’s not really my place to make such comments like the ones made above like, “blacks should get over slavery.” I don’t know how the backlash still affects them today. But tell me, in your opinion, what is the common black opinion on, say, things like reparations and affirmative action? Are these things necessary to repair the status of blacks in America, or are they crutches for those who are unwilling to makes things happen for themselves?

  9. Joshua says:

    Sam, first thanks for your openmindnes. Secondly, let me say the black community does not have one single opinion on hardly any issue. We love to debate about issues over the dinner table. But I can tell you the opinions some people have told me.

    My mother feels that the government has done enough for blacks already (college grants, affirmative action bonuses, and other actions) that the government has made up for it’s previous wrongs.

    I on another hand feel that the programs coming out of the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80s where merely correcting a current problem. So I do believe somewhat in reparations. But how does the government prove who descended from slaves? With the large amounts of black Latinos and African immigrants this process isn’t as simple as it would be 100 years ago. For this reason I feel reparations are impractical. However I feel that, in theory, reparations actually put actions behind an apology.

    If I break a persons expensive vase and say “I’m sorry,” then maybe I really am sorry, or maybe I was just saying the right thing. However if I replace the vase I actually am proving my regret. That’s why I wrote that at minimum the VA government could have taken down the monuments glorifying slavery.

    I don’t think reparations (unless they where in the form of land grants) would do much for fixing the problems in the black community. Much of the problems that where federal government induced either have, or are in the process of being fixed. Other problems that I feel are left over from slavery like, abusive discipline, rape, and poor family units are a problem that only the black community can fix, and no amount of money and laws can change it.

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