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3 Reason the Suburbs Are Bad

Suburbs: Large areas of land zoned for single use and low density buildings.

1: Destruction of the Environment

This happens on many levels. First being that the American farm is destroyed, and natural open spaces are destroyed. Then on the second level is the destruction of forests for wood to build houses. On the third level is pollution, because you must drive further distances to go to work, or even visit a resturant.

In a traditional city buildings are built upward saving farm space, which will run out if sprawl conitues. In European countries land is tigthly managed to prevent this. High and medium rise buildings are created from resources such as brick or steal, while these have environmental impacts when created, it is far less worst then deforestation. Obvious to anyone it is easier for a person to use mass transit or walk in a city.

2: The Future Slums

The white middle class is reclaiming the cities. Areas once occupied by whites in the inner suburbs are increasing home to people of diverse ethnicities. Some of these areas even experience crime on the same levels as cities. As the cities poor move out they can expect a four thousand dollar windfall. Why? Because the cost of owning a car is at a minimum four thousand a year.

3: Destroyed Farmland

Just like gentrification is viewed negatively, the thought of farms being destroyed should be repulsive. America still has plenty of farmland, but America can no longer feed the entire world alone. Besides the impact of wasted farmland, it is unfortunate for Americas hardest workers to find their land stolen, and ultimately wasted.


The reason I focus on the future is because continued investment in the suburbs is a top threat to America. The buildings that have been built, should be kept, to allow for those who want a three hour commute, to have the freedom to live where they want. The end of World War II marked one of Americas most prosperous times, and I hope we’ve not wasted our money by investing in a failed urban design.


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