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Let Terrorists use our Banks

“I’m sorry, we can’t cash this check without two valid forms of photo ID.” I here this two many times at a bank, and my blood pressure rises each time I here it. I don’t have any “valid” photo ID. I’m homeschooled, and thus don’t have student ID. State ID requires you register for the draft selective service, which at 16 and in the middle of the Vietnam Iraqi war isn’t a wise choice.

In the name of protecting America from terrorists using our banks, the government has really just forced males to register for the draft to participate in modern society.

Now here are some ways a terrorist can use our modern bank system, without needing to ID himself. You can’t buy a plane ticket with cash, so you can be tracked. Easy solution, go to the grocery store, buy a $500 prepaid visa card, and register it with a fake address. This prepaid cards don’t require any sort of indenity, so I’m sure they’re used for all sorts of criminal pursuits.


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