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Same Race Relationships, Racist?

In Virginia interracial marriage use to be illegal. The first reason was likely to keep the white race pure. But in this new age should people still be concerned about the color of the person they date, fuck, or marry? My politically correct self tells me no.But then I see most white woman only want a fling with the black man, leaving the black race to perish. This sort of relationship also won’t result in a “medium colored” race, because those babies will probably be aborted. The children that live, will then not be accepted by either whites or blacks, because they don’t look like either one.

While I believe a person should be able to love whoever they want, it is also important that we make sure to not forget our ethnic and racial backgrounds. As long as someone does not rule out specific races to love, or not love, it is not racist. But when a person turns their back on their group, or refuses to have a relationship with a specific group there is a case of racism, or even self-racism.

This is in response to a post by another blogger who didn’t want to hear my view on the subject.


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