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Is The Tech Industry Chauvinist?

From Best Buy, to Bell Labs, there are obviously more males employed. Is this a result of deliberate exclusion or just a coincidence?

I find it hard to believe it’s deliberate. While those with technical skill tend to be apolitical, they also tend to lean towards the left. With programs such as the Girls go Tech, and government programs to increase females in science, I believe that most woman don’t want to enter into the tech industry.

What actually prompted me to write this was because my Grandpa remarked about the lack of woman at Best Buy. Go to Best Buy, and I’m sure you’ll notice it. But then walk over to Barnes & Noble, and you see way more woman working there. And then of the females I know my age, they want to be teachers, politicians, or other liberal arts careers.

But I do beleive that males in the tech industry scare away females. Nerds tend to have less than stellar people skills, and will often either dominate their other coworkers including women, or will harrass women. Of course this occurs in other work enviroments but, it’s worst when the scales are 90 to 10.

Readers, I’d like to know what you think, so please leave a comment.


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