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The Number One Threat to Families

Imagine there’s a house burning across the block, but instead the firefighters are inspecting a newly built house. How fucked up would that be?

That’s what’s happening with homosexuality. America has a huge problem with single parent households, yet the “family police” are busy protecting us from gay marriage. Divorce creates way more instability problems in marriages of divorced kids. They (we) have know idea how a real marriage is supposed to work, while someone growing up, even under a dysfunctional one, at least knows what not to do.

Meanwhile you’ve got kids waiting to be adopted, and willing homosexual parents out there. These kids will probably grow up and be straight. It’s a simple reason, these gays obviously had “straight” parents, and for one reason or another turned out gay.

So instead of fighting gay relationships, why don’t conseveratives put their work on extingushing the bigger fire?


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