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How to Kill the Automobile

The easiest way to kill the automobile is to kill it’s midwife.

American car companies bought various forms of mass transit, notably street trolleys, laid off the workers, ripped up the tracks and then shut them down. If this same method was used by local governments, mass transit would prove more popular.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) operates on 30 billion dollar plus budget. By comparison Democrats approved a clean water act that cost less than $1.5 billion. Imagine the government recouping 30 billion, and decreasing pollution for free? By comparison the southern suburbs of Washington DC, want a 4 billion dollar metrorail extension, of which the Federal government would pay only 1 billion. That one billion is one thirtieth of FHWA’s budget

So what would happen if the FHWA where crippled, and the funds converted to mass transit? Commuters would probably flee the car, and use the train.


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