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5 Easy Ways To Save The Environment

Maybe it won’t save the world, but it will help reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Turn your computer screensaver to an all black version. While a slideshow, or pretty fireworks may be nice to look at, it takes extra processing power which takes more electricity.

2. When you’re not using a charger (cellphone, battery, iPod…) unplug it. The chargers still take electricity when nothing is attached to it.

3. Work in a 3 level office? Use the stairs if you suspect you won’t be sharing the elevator.

4. Use a clock (and other gadgets) that run off alternative energy, such as solar in the day, and battery in the dark.

5. Use Google whenever possible, they take deliberate efforts to save electricity. This is effort is multi-pronged, they save electricity in the server room, and in the office space.


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