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Impressions of 9.11

I lived in Washington, DC when 9/11 happened. My mom had quit working at the Pentagon less than a year before. Her boyfreind still worked there. I knew people who heard the bang. But the first days, weeks, maybe even months, I didn’t feel affected. Then somewhere a changed happened. But not that much.

But then seeing the hole in the ground from New York made me feel different. Being in World Financial Center 3, which was heavily damaged, seemed to add realism. I finally felt emotion for the victims. I felt an anger towards the perpetrators, and then, for a brief moment, I understood why some people where so hateful of Muslims.

Probably should have posted this to my private blog, but for some reason I felt like sharing this with more people.  I’d like to know how you felt about this event too, how it impacted you.


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