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Impressions of New York

New York CitySo I went to New York Manhattan last week. And of course this city is an excellent place for the study of urban theory, weather what not to do, or what to do right.

I’ve always been pro density, but the density of New York, was a shock, and took a moment to get used too. My first thoughts, where maybe, buildings could be too large. But I soon got use to that, and realized the architectural beauty was best observed at the lower levels.

The fact that most New Yorkers walked was my favorite part. I thought DC was easy to cross the street, because there where 10 others crossing with you, but New York, was defiantly easier because there where no left turns. I had started thinking a modified street grid pattern wast the best option, but now the classic street grid, with one way traffic seems the best.

Also I further believe my point stands, if we stop building roads, people will use other forms of transit. In New York traffic seemed frustratingly slow (people went a little slower than cars), and this is probably one reason for some to walk and use the Subway. Unfortunately I didn’t use the Subway, so I can’t have any opinions on that. But my impression of New York having a great transit system were further instilled.


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