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More Density Please

The urban core. Critics of increasing density are afraid of a Manhattan forming.In my town there is a debate between the county and residents on weather to allow more high-density residences. Many residents are against this, because of feared traffic increases. They say the town was designed for 80,000 people, yet 99,000 use the roads on a normal weekday. But the reason for citing traffic is probably because they don’t want the town to become Little Manhattan.

Will traffic really increase that much? Yes. But there are two areas selected for new development. The future stop of a metro station, and a shopping center in need of revitalization. This, the world famous Lake Anne, lost many customers due to competition from the Town Center, which includes high density housing, along with mixed use shops offices.

I’m personally for density, and the founder, Robert E. Simon is for it too. In fact medium density buildings where in Simon’s original plan, with an high density “urban core.” He felt by building up, he could preserve open space. So long as development replaces old low density, and parking lots, I feel it’s fine. But when developers start wanting parks and open spaces, I feel then development should be frozen.


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