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Should the Local or Federal Government Control Immigration?

Hazleton, PA, a small town began a crackdown on illegal immigrants, blaming them for crime, trash, and a poor school system. The mayor enacted laws to combat illegal, or should we say minority immigration.

My take is it’s scary when towns or states start taking over government functions. Immigration is a federal policy matter, and as such it should be soleley the Federal Governments resposiablity to enact immigration law. If the town wants to enforce the law that’s fine, but don’t be making laws that contradict the Federal Governments view on immigration.

And before I get people saying “You don’t have to deal with the problems illegal immigration Latinos.” The neighborhood I live in is mostly Latino, most of the Latinos I know here have also come from other countries. Sure some commit crimes, and some bring down the school’s grade, but overall they don’t change it. Before the Latinos where here, it was light skinned Asians (white looking ones) that came here. Those Asians brought with them violent gangs, displaced the previous citizens living in the subsidized housing and brought down school system performance. No one seemed to care about them coming, because they looked white, and the majority of them tried to act white.


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One Response

  1. Kellene says:

    The illegal immigrants within America are so prevalent that it is a drain on the system.
    It’s insult to all the law abiding citizens that enter the country the hard, long but right way.

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