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Fully Working Ubuntu with a Compaq Presario V2000

Edit: I no longer a Compaq Presario V2000, so I can no longer provide help for any issues you may be having with Ubuntu.

I’ve had good experiances with Compaq and Linux (except for Redhat), but getting Linux fully operational on my Presario V2000 laptop was another story. But I finaly got 3d and WiFi working. Here are the tutorials I used, one found at the Ubuntu forums, the other at

A Fast Way To Install ATIand NVIDIA Drivers

One of the first questions Linux users often ask, after installing their distro of choice, is “How do I install Nvidia drivers?” Although the process has been hit and miss in the past, one of the best solutions that I have come across is Envy for the Ubuntu distribution. The process is breathtakingly easy and works like a charm everytime. Since version 0.8.1 Envy now installs Ati drivers as well as Nvidia. The process is as easy as :


sudo dpkg -i envy_0.8.1-0ubuntu6_all.deb

then press Alt+Cntrl+F1 to kill X-Windows and type

at the terminal. From there press a few “Yes” and you have the latest stable Nvidia drivers installed on your computer. The program even brings you back into X-Windows. Envy is one very sweet script. The author of the program is Alberto Milone, better known as tseliot in the Ubuntu Forums. He was nice enough to answer to some questions on Envy, as well Ubuntu.

*Note for users of previous Envy versions you should first do these two steps before the installation of version 0.8.1

sudo aptitude purge envy

sudo rm -R /usr/share/envy

HOWTO: Broadcom 4318 Wireless Cards

This HOWTO is for people who have a Broadcom 4318 Wireless card in their laptop. This card can sometimes be a bit difficult to setup, so I have provided a working method (for me, anyway).

To check if you have a Broadcom 4318 Card, open up the terminal (click the Applications button, then Accessories, and then Terminal) and run (just copy and paste the code from the code boxes throughout the HOWTO [in the terminal, this is done by right click anywhere and clicking paste, ctrl+v doesn’t work])


lspci | grep Broadcom\ Corporation

If your output looks similar to


0000:05:02.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)

or you can see the string BCM4318 in the output, then this should work for you.

Please note that this was really designed to be run on a very fresh install, right after Ubuntu has come up for the first time. It is mostly likely to work then. If you have tried other attempts at making this card work, I have no promises for you, but it only takes two minutes, so it is worth a shot (most people can get it to work, even on a not-so-fresh install).

The point of this HOWTO is to make it as simple as possible (not to educate people – if you want to know how this works, open the script and read it) for people who have just installed Ubuntu for the first time, so I wrote a script and have provided a set of drivers that worked for me. Not all drivers will work with ndiswrapper, so please use the ones I have provided.

The script requires no internet connection after it is downloaded…all required files are on the CD you installed Ubuntu with, and the package manager should recognize this.


Download…buntu2_all.deb and double click it to install. Reboot. Enjoy wireless.

Dapper and Edgy

  1. Put the CD that you installed Ubuntu with in the CD drive.
  2. Download this file to your Desktop (the Firefox default, so if you haven’t changed it, that’s where it went/will go).
  3. Open a terminal (click the Applications button, then Accessories, and then Terminal)
  4. Change the current directory to the desktop (copy and paste the following commands exactly into your terminal by right clicking anywhere on the terminal and clicking paste)


    cd ~/Desktop
  5. Extract the compressed file


    tar -xf bcm4318*.tar.gz
  6. Run the script, which will install ndiswrapper on your system, and set it up.


    sudo ./ndiswrapper_setup
  7. Use the internet (you will have to open the System menu at the top of the screen, go to Administration, and then click Networking. Configure the interface eth1 or wlan0, and connect to your wifi network)
  8. If you are an Acer user, you will need to use the acerhk driver.
  9. If it doesn’t work, reboot.
  10. If that doesn’t work, read the troubleshooting section below.
  11. If you still can’t make it work, try reading this post by The Raven, which is so long I can’t even fit it in here without doubling the length of the post

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25 Responses

  1. Dave J says:

    Have you or anyone to your knowledge used the firmware modification method from on a dual boot machine? I am relectant to modify the card’s firware without being sure that it will still work with Windows.

  2. Joshua Davis says:

    I’ve used the method above and it’s firmware mod with success on a dual boot machine. You might want to check out the linked to post, because it’s been updated.

    I’m not able to access the above mentioned site, so I can’t tell you about how it will work with a dual booting machine.

  3. Dave J says:

    thanks much
    dave J

  4. Neil says:

    will envy allow the use of beryl? I have some sort of ATI driver installed but beryl and compiz don’t work. thanks.

  5. Joshua Davis says:

    neil, i’m not really sure… i’ve tried getting beryl to work, and have had difficulty with that… i’m personally waiting until it’s officially supported by ubuntu.

  6. mike says:

    Thanks alot for the wireless install!!

    works like a charm!


  7. I simply L O V E Y O U !!!
    haha 😀
    This Feisty script just seems too easy to be true. Works like a charm, i am writing this on my wep wi-fi.
    This script single-handedly manage to do the job while ndiswrapper royally failed. Fantastic.

  8. aaron says:

    Thank you! Tried the one-click install with 7.10 ubuntu, and the little blue light shows up on the button, and I have a successful connection! So far so good, thanks very much!!!

  9. Lupo says:

    Gusty make it easy with Broadcom it is takes only one click to have it working.
    I upgrated Feisy to gusty and the presario was as fast boot as before but after reinstalling from the CD I have now the boot taking 3 full minutes, it is close to Vista – 5 minutes. Can I fix it or make it boot faster again?
    The Presario V2000 with ATI Radeon Xpress 200m can not take it and trying to force it may block the machine.

  10. JS says:

    Hey how did u get to instll ubuntu 7.10 on ur presario v2000? My comp freezes after i hit Start/install ubuntu.

  11. Joshua says:

    Check your laptops memory, the graphical installer takes a lot of it. You also should try downloading the alternate text only install.

  12. Mark Chappel says:


    I just installed Gutsy on my Compaq Presario V2000 and really appreciate your help in getting the Broadcom wireless working. No problem at all. I have another strange problem though. Any and all DVDs fail to be recognized, whether blank or recorded. No problem with CDs – they play and burn just fine. When I load a DVD and click on the drive in Nautilus, I get a message that it can’t mount it since there is probably no media present. So I can’t play or burn any DVDs. Thanks for any help you can give me on this. I’ve been running Feisty on an older eMachine for a while and I really love it. A real joy for my daily use.

  13. Joshua says:

    Mark, are your DVD and CD drives integrated or separate?

  14. claire says:

    Hi Josh,
    I’m running Ubuntu 7.10 ix86 on a Compaq Presario V2000
    Processor: AMD Turion 64 ML-37//RAM : 512MB DDR//Video Graphics Processor: ATI Mobility Radeon Integrated Graphics//Graphics Card using shared RAM.
    The wireless solution worked perfectly although now I have to be much closer to the router for a working connection. I can no longer pirate off my neighbors…but that’s ok.

    I tried both of the ati solutions and couldn’t get either to work. When I tried to install the restricted drivers for ATI I got a blank screen and ended up re-installing Ubuntu. Now I get a blank screen on boot up, but that’s something I can live with. Tried your method above, when I hit ctrl-alt-f1 my resolution got huge and i had to scroll to read all the questions (install nvidia? y/n, ect). I tried installing, got an error message (something about it not being able to find the package, i think) rebooted and still nothing. no 3D. any suggestions on what I could do? And thanks again for posting this, I never thought I’d get wifi working!

  15. Joshua says:

    Yeah that is a problem with the hacked WiFi drivers but at least it’s their. As for your video card issue, I suggest you try installing from the command line. Maybe there’s also more info on this problem at

  16. jambo says:

    I installed Hardy on my Compaq Presario V2000 and had the same wifi issues. I tried your .deb but it didn’t work. However it turns out that all I had to do was run:
    sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
    and then reboot and the wireless came up. Looks like the support is now in Hardy, they just can’t package the actual firmware because of legal reasons.

  17. Joseph Prince Prakasa says:

    Hello Friends,

    The Compaq Presario V2000 laptop will not accept the drivers provided in the HP website. You need to check the exact product tag number which is found below the laptop. It will be like “V2374AP”. This is the actual part number or the model of your laptop driver which you need to search.

    One of the numbers found below the laptop in V2000 is “V2374AP”.

    So search “Compaq Presario V2374AP Notebook PC”

    Check this link…… Good Luck…


  18. Adrián Valdivia says:

    Hi, I finally get this to work on Jaunty 9.04

    I have the Compaq Pressario v2000 with turion 64 processor.

    Just downloaded the package b43-fwcutter from:

    Installed and it works flawlessly after the reboot.

  19. David says:

    Hi, I’m on Jaunty 9.04. The wireless is working great for me, but ATI driver from envy is giving me problems.

    I had the same problem as Claire above, and had to reinstall Ubuntu. I could try using the command line instead, but I don’t want to risk needing to reinstall… again. Anyone have any ideas?

    I’m a newbie… so keep it basic. By the way, what do I gain from using the driver? I have graphics now. Is my ATI card not being utilized? Will it take some of the load off of my processor?
    Thanks, David

  20. Glenn says:

    Hi Joshua,

    I’m new to the whole linux world and am really enjoying ubuntu 9.04. I successfully installed it on my old Presario V2000 and haven’t had any luck with my wireless. I have the broadcom 4318 and have tried the ndiswrapper suggestion and it didn’t work. Tried your script and it also didn’t work. I even went as far as reformatting and reinstalling Ubuntu and at first startup, I downloaded your script and ran it. It installs but no blue light, no wireless. After it installs, there are further instructions for removing ndiswrapper, but this was a fresh Ubuntu install.

    Please help! Thanks!

  21. jon says:

    sam problem, no more wireless with old Presario V2000 after ubuntu 9.04. install?

  22. Kiisu says:

    you sir have just won the game, the auto installer for feisty 7.04 works fully with the compaq presario V2000 amd 64 turion running gutsy 7.1, i have spent ages looking for how to fix my wireless, you sir have made my day

  23. Austxjr says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have a Presario V2000 with AMD Turion 64 and ATI Radeon XPress 200M. With Lucid 10.04 LTS the ATI installs by default, but no wireless on initial boot. I used your tips to verify the network controller and then used Ubuntu’s Wifi Docs – to install the bcmwl kernel sources as follows:

    ~$ sudo apt-get update
    ~$ sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source

    After that I updated all my packages with the Update Manager, turned on the wireless hardware driver with the Hardware Drivers utility and it works fully after a reboot on Compaq Presario V2000 AMD 64 Turion running Lucid 10.04. Good luck to all you Presario owners.


  24. savingbroadbando says:

    Where can I find that script now? the link is no longer working.

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