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Get Your Share of Government Cheese

It’s tax time, and right now people are wondering how they can get there share of the money, while paying as little. Here’s what I say to those middle class people who want a bigger piece of government money.

Because it is more responsible to spend your own. The more money you take from the government the more taxes you pay, or the bigger our deficit gets. Also I think most Americans get there fair share of government money.

A homeless man on food stamps probably doesn’t use the interstates and state roads. You probably do not use food stamps but do use the road. I think the amount of “welfare” the government gives out is equal, in fact I think rich and middle class people may receive more government subsidy than poor people.

And if for some reason you don’t like the government “wasting” money on food stamps, housing and other services, then donate money to a not for profit that does something that you support, the more you donate to the not for profit, the less taxes you’ll pay.


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