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No Guns For The Mentaly Ill

The Congress is considering banning weapons from the mentally ill.  This goes back to the fact that rich white people, want to keep guns from the poor and minorities. This is to keep us from rising up, and creating a governement that favors the masses. All that will come from this is a spat of Latinos, blacks, Asians and poor whites being diagnosed as mentally ill.

Illnesses that tend to be rich white problems, such as Alzheimers are called diseases while ones more prevalent to other races, such as Bi-Polar disorder (and formerly Thyroid diseases) tend to be diagnosed as mental in nature.

And then families of these ill wouldn’t be allowed to own guns. That means practically no American family would be able to defend themselfs against a mentally ill family member. Having a parent who has Bi-Polar, I understand that the mentally are not always sick. That parent is most of the time fine, but a few weeks every year they are ill. Sometimes that parent will become violent, but it is not bad enough for that person to be locked into an insane asylum.

I just hope the gun lobby won’t get their way another time.


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