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A DRM Free World (Twenty Percent Complete)

EMI has authroized iTunes to sell their catolouge DRM free. So I no longer have an excuse to download some music videos from YouTube. I did that because there was no way of ripping the video (to resource intensivie), so I was forced to download, and convert them for my BestBuy house brand MP3 player. No I have to go about repaying my debts to EMI. Oh well everything in life can’t be free, (freedom and free beer).

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American Muslims Support Suicide Bombing

A poll from the Pew Research Foundation, found 25 percent of Muslims felt that suicide attacks where okay in some instances.

“Some instances” is the keyword here. If Westerners are attacking your family, and your only option is to give up your life, to protect your family what would you do? I hope both you and I would make the ultimate sacrifice, if we could protect our family, or others we felt where close.

The real challenge is fighting counter terrorism. Just like there’s counter racism (for those who don’t know, discrimination against racists), I have an alternate definition of counter terrorism as being another form of terrorism, except it is sponsored by the American Government. Israel’s behaviour in Lebanon last year was state sponsored terrorism. America’s invasion of Iraq was state sponsored terrorism. So maybe if this so called counter terrorism was ended, the threat of terrorism occurring would also decrease. You do not win a man’s respect, trust, and confidence by killing his family!

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Immigration Reform in an Nutshell

Sign from pro immigration protest.

While the congress was working on dozens, if not hundreds of pages of immigration reform, I was in my bed thinking up the best way to get rid of illegals make them citizens. Assuming America has 10 million illegal immigrants, and it would cost $1000, to find, process, and transport everyone out of this country America would spend nearly 10 billion dollars. Obviously a large amount of money, and probably grossly underestimated.So what’s a plan that would work, and be cost effective for both the American government and low wage immigrants?

First temporary “Citizenship Centers” would be setup where a person could register to become a “legal” citizen. They’d theoretically be starting a whole new life, with a new identity and such, even all past crimes would be forgotten and forgiven. Hey forgiveness, Mr. Bush, isn’t that a Christian thing? Anyways, they’d give basic information like an address (could be a church or some other place, if they’re homeless), name, age, and all that other standard stuff. Then they’re issued an “Patriot Card” which includes that information.

The Patriot Card is what proves they’re here legally, and it would even include a photo. Some might object to this “Patriot Card” because it would single out fresh immigrants, but it would have some advantages too. For instance it could be wired to a database that had a point system attached to it. Points could be added to your card for taking ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, and keeping a clean driving record. Points could be deducted for drunk driving, arrests, and failure to properly report earnings. Eventually after a person received a certain amount of points they become a full class citizen.

Now with a certain level of points, they’re here legally, but they (or their employers) have to pay higher taxes on them, they could be more quickly ordered to take a driving refresher class if one is found to be driving in a dangerous manner, and so on. These increased taxes would be used, to pay for the new immigration system, and as way of recouping untaxed income, though that later probably wouldn’t be regained dollar for dollar.

Then after the current immigrants where taken care of, the hard part of true immigration reform would come. First we’d take down that stupid and illegal Mexican border fence – since the number one cause of illegal citizenship in America is due to overstayed VISAs – and not foot traffic. Second America would let as many immigrants come here. They’d be subject to the same “Patriot Card” system, except without the increased taxes. And if they did not accrue enough points with the card, they’d have to go back home.

Photo by, Alexander Steffler, covered under CC-BY.

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Gun Control or Crime Control?

Mayor Micheal Bloomberg of NYC, is conducting legal (formerly legal) sting operations in Virginia gun shops, to check for stores that sell weapons illegally. Apparently the Virginia General Assembly feels that illegal gun purchases shouldn’t be prosecuted and made a law making it illegal for New York based investigators to conduct these operations without the presence of a Virginia state trooper.

The right wing gun control freaks say they’re fine if guns are kept from criminals, but then we have them protesting the government who is making sure guns aren’t sold to the “bad guys.” Northern Virginia, where most of these stings are conducted, is often times lumped with the Northeast megapolitian area, and as such criminals come to VA to buy guns, and then return home. This is also a problem in Maryland and DC, where they have stricter gun laws. Oh, and guess what? VA-MD-DC all have similar murder rates, so I guess that old argument about using guns to protect yourself doesn’t affect those from Maryland and the District</sarcasm>.

Oh, maybe one day Northern Virginia will be it’s own state, and the old Virginia can be a pure red sanctuary.

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