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Gun Control or Crime Control?

Mayor Micheal Bloomberg of NYC, is conducting legal (formerly legal) sting operations in Virginia gun shops, to check for stores that sell weapons illegally. Apparently the Virginia General Assembly feels that illegal gun purchases shouldn’t be prosecuted and made a law making it illegal for New York based investigators to conduct these operations without the presence of a Virginia state trooper.

The right wing gun control freaks say they’re fine if guns are kept from criminals, but then we have them protesting the government who is making sure guns aren’t sold to the “bad guys.” Northern Virginia, where most of these stings are conducted, is often times lumped with the Northeast megapolitian area, and as such criminals come to VA to buy guns, and then return home. This is also a problem in Maryland and DC, where they have stricter gun laws. Oh, and guess what? VA-MD-DC all have similar murder rates, so I guess that old argument about using guns to protect yourself doesn’t affect those from Maryland and the District</sarcasm>.

Oh, maybe one day Northern Virginia will be it’s own state, and the old Virginia can be a pure red sanctuary.


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2 Responses

  1. DanPatrick says:

    Got a cite for that VA-MD-DC all have similar murder rates line?

    According to 2005 FBI uniform crime reports, DC has a rate of 35.4 murders per 100,000 of population, MD 9.9/100,000 and VA 6.1/100,000. (

    Which makes me wonder, if DC is importing all of their guns from Virginia, from where are they importing all of their criminals?

  2. Joshua Davis says:

    Considering VA+MD both have large rural, and suburban areas, while DC is 100% urban it’s not fair to compare these two. I probably should have been more specific and said rates where more comparable when compared to the urbanized areas of DC-MD-VA. Maybe it would have been fairer to compare the crime rates of Richmond, DC, and Baltimore.

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