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American Muslims Support Suicide Bombing

A poll from the Pew Research Foundation, found 25 percent of Muslims felt that suicide attacks where okay in some instances.

“Some instances” is the keyword here. If Westerners are attacking your family, and your only option is to give up your life, to protect your family what would you do? I hope both you and I would make the ultimate sacrifice, if we could protect our family, or others we felt where close.

The real challenge is fighting counter terrorism. Just like there’s counter racism (for those who don’t know, discrimination against racists), I have an alternate definition of counter terrorism as being another form of terrorism, except it is sponsored by the American Government. Israel’s behaviour in Lebanon last year was state sponsored terrorism. America’s invasion of Iraq was state sponsored terrorism. So maybe if this so called counter terrorism was ended, the threat of terrorism occurring would also decrease. You do not win a man’s respect, trust, and confidence by killing his family!


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