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A DRM Free World (Twenty Percent Complete)

EMI has authroized iTunes to sell their catolouge DRM free. So I no longer have an excuse to download some music videos from YouTube. I did that because there was no way of ripping the video (to resource intensivie), so I was forced to download, and convert them for my BestBuy house brand MP3 player. No I have to go about repaying my debts to EMI. Oh well everything in life can’t be free, (freedom and free beer).


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2 Responses

  1. orangeacid says:

    Do we still have the problem that songs bought off iTunes are in a proprietary Apple format that is incompatible with other media players and gadgets and are therefore still locked?

  2. Joshua Davis says:

    AAC is made by the Creators of the MP3 format, and is thus somewhat open. It is also easier to convert unencrypted AAC files into your format of choice, OGG, or MP3 for instance.

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