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Freedom of Housing

The Berkeley city council has banned the following list of activities, smoking near buildings in commercial areas, lying on the sidewalk, public urination and defecation, drinking in public, possessing a shopping cart and shouting in public. This is all in an effort to get rid of the estimated 800 homeless in Berkley, California.

So now owning a shopping cart is illegal? I guess all those kids with toy shopping carts need to take them to the dumpster. And also if your child has wandered off in the public park, and you’re shouting his name, that too would be illegal. And then no more protests that involve protesters laying on the ground.

And this all ties back to the fact that conservatives decry people who say “we should live more compact life styles, by occupying condos or apartments.” I hear these people decrying new urbanism, and a general move to more density as limiting housing choices. Someone should be able to live on a 1 acre lot if they want to, and another person should be able to live on the street if they want too. Let’s not limit housing choices.


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