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Border Fence sits on Mexican Land

During routine inspection, it was discovered that a section of border fence along the U.S.-Mexican border, was 1 to 6 feet inside the Mexican border. Like any neighbor they have requested that the fence be removed. But from early responses it appears the government doesn’t want to pay the 2.5 million required to move the fence.

You’d think when you’re building a fence in the middle of the desert it wouldn’t have to be right on the border. Who really cares if an “illegal” walks five feet onto our land? And what about those fence builders, since they weren’t crossing the border at an officially recognized point, they became illegal emigrants (or from Mexico’s view, immigrants). Maybe next time they could have a setback of several feet.

Or maybe we should just forget the entire fence idea, since it’s illegal in the first place, and the people making the decisions on where to place the fence obviously don’t know what they’re doing. If anything should be done about illegal border crossing, it should be fixing the way most people enter the U.S. illegally, by over staying their visitation limits.


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