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Ending Government Corruption

I can’t help but wonder how rare government corruption would occur, if stronger penalties where handed out. At first look the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu seems fair, he took bribes to approve medications, that wound up killing people.

But then on second look China seems to be this execution more for show than for justice, because they want to show that they’re serious about ending “cheap” Chinese products, such as tainted dog food and toothpaste, andeven malfunctioning fireworks. But this sentence came unusually quickly and hasrshly.

But then you see America where you can lie and obstruct justice and not have to serve any jail time. While political corruption seems like a domestic issue for the country involved it’s not one. Even though Lewis Libby was an issue of domestic issues, there have been other instances of corruption of the Bush administration, that have had international consquences, such as the false excuse given about WMDs and bioweapons in Iraq.

There should be International standards for how corruption is handled. For instance deliberately approving products you know might cause death should result in fines that amount to the revenue earned from that product being sold. And while I certainly don’t want harm to occur to my America, lying to start a war should result in some sort of arms embargo, and since many of the biggest contributers to wars are countries that make most of their weapons, countries should be banned from both buying and selling milatary equipment with such offending countries.


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