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Divided We Stand, Together We Fall

Protestor holds sign declaring

Only one Repulican showed at the NAACP’s anual convention, that was Tom Tancredo. It’s actualy funny, because he’s one of the most racist candiates out there.

While there Tancredo said “I get mad when I here Latinos are taking black jobs.” Looks like he just pulled out the race card. Anyways it seems conservatives have a strategy to divide the minorities (or mainly the brown and black skinned ones), so instead of being one powerful voting block, we all have a difficult time working together to insure our future.

I remember my mother use to tell me “Don’t make racial jokes in mixed company.” The reasoning behind this was even though a black and white person might be telling Asian jokes, someone else is going to make a joke about you’re race. That’s how I feel, conservatives talk of holding jobs from Latinos and giving them to blacks, but when they’ve gotten rid of Latinos they’ll come do the same thing to us.

Oh, and I promise my next post will be about something non-immigration related. Photo by Claudia A. De La Garza.


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2 Responses

  1. Always happy to see signs saying African-Americans and Latinos together and not fighting like always. It’s time to understand that all of us are in this together and we shouldn’t give up on our rights as people.

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