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Will Democrats Vote For Climate Change?

There’s a plan in New York City to bring in congestion pricing. Basically if you enter the most congested part of a city (for New York that would be Midtown and Downtown), you have to pay a toll. In London traffic saw a 20% decrease, and carbon emissions saw a similar drop. And did I mention business profits have increased?

It appears that the New York general assembly, which is Democratically controlled won’t vote on whether New York City can have this congestion scheme. Today is the last day to vote on this, because the Federal government won’t grant funding if it isn’t approved on Monday. It appears as if weak kneed politicians won’t ignore the complaints of their constituents to better protect their constituents freedoms. Think, they won’t be able to drive to their favorite beach if nothing is done about global warming, because it will be flooded.

But here in America we equate the car with freedom. A smart move on the car companies sides. They have huge American flags at the dealerships, they sponsor patriotic events, and hold sales on national holidays. As a result Americans feel anyone wanting to reduce private automobile usage, that their “inherently granted right to drive” is curtailed. But in fact mass transit affords more freedom. Ever tried to read a book while speeding down the highway? Ever waited a couple of hours at the repair shop while the bus was repaired?

Photo by mpecarevic.


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