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Dems and GOP Want More War

America might be becoming a nation of war hawks. In 2004 Bush said Kerry had no plan for the War on Terror. So now each candidate is coming up with a pubilcily shared plan. In fact it seems a clone of Bush’s, violence for violence.

Now Tom Tancredo, says we should attack Muslim holy sites, if terrorists first attack us. Considering the remarks he’s made about immigration, it’s no surprise that region by region he’s declaring war on the world. But Obama’s statement was the really surprising one, considering he promotes himself as a reconciler. And Hilary’s claim that Obama is to soft to become president was also a veiled threat of more violence.

I hope this esacalation in tought talk, is just talk and nothing more. We can not win the War on Terror by violently attacking perceived threats. Instead we need to focus on soultions to the root of the problem. Kicking our dependence on oil. Giving finacial, educational, and health aid to at risk middle eastern and African nations. We need a president who is compassionate but decisive, we do not need a(nother) king.


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