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Review: No End In Sight

Award winning film, No End In Sight documents the cause of failure in Iraq. They interviewed many government and former government workers involved with Iraq. Presented us with footage from the war, and generaly managed to keep the audience from dozing off.

The film felt very much like a propaganda piece – propaganda that any liberal would want see, but still there seemed to be no objectivity. For instance they seemed to pick photos and video of Bush that added nothing to the movie, except for showing what a dumbo he is.

No End In Sight

Some of their interviews seemed to take what the interviewers where saying out of context, for instance I noticed a couple of times there was a transition in the middle of a speakers sentence. But many of the leaders who realized they had made mistakes, where willing to talk. They told us what exactly went wrong, which while it certainly didn’t offer any help to fixing Iraq now, it offered insights in what not to do next time. The ones who still felt in debt to the president, or not at fault, offered little insight into what went wrong.

The film drew no conclusions (sans the oil one) about why Bush messed the war up. But I was left with the conclusion that it was a bunch of Texas good ol’ boys who wanted a return to pre 1960s America. To a time when you could shoot a (black man), and have no consequences. Or falsely accuse him of rape. To a time when it was only whites in control. Not any white either, but only the ones who supported that system of oppression.

It gives a picture of the entire war, and reminds Americans of what we where promised about what the Iraq war would and would not be. This is probably the most important documentary of the year, and I highly encourage everyone to view.


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