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The Destruction of America

Do conservatives realize their vision is slowly destroying America? I’m not talking about debatable issues like gay marriage – but decisions literally affecting American’s lives. For instance Bush has said “no gas tax increase“, because that would “Slow economic growth.” In 2000, gas was about $1.50/gallon, now it’s $2.50 upwards. I suppose it’s decimal increases that harm the economy.

Of course the conservative solution to not raise the gas tax, would be too say ‘Do it privately.” Which brings up an interesting story. I live in liberal Fairfax County, across the border is conservative Loudon County. There’s a toll road that runs between both counties. The section in Fairfax is a publicly run toll road. It costs 75 cents to use it. The other section in Loudon County is a private toll road, and guess what? The private company wants to raise the toll to 4 dollars. And the conservative residents want to see the government issue a price cap. So much for that whole private business/small government theory.

Since it’s now known Republicans are selfish people who want to keep all the money they earn, regardless of the destruction it may bring to others, or themselfs, you’d think they’d realize (even large) government might be able to do a better job. The Minneapolis bridge collapse was the second of that week, the other one in California had less than a dozen injuries, and so it wasn’t newsworthy. But the Republican governor of Minnesota had vetoed a bipartisan transportation bill that would have further funded maintenance. He said it was fiscally irresponsible.

Infrastructure funding is just one in many ways conservatives are short sighted. Going to Iraq so we could finish Desert Storm Saddam Husein, is just another example. The list goes on, and I won’t bore you. But is being able to buy a bigger SUV with money saved from paying no taxes really more important than preserving the future of America?


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