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Sim City 5: A Disapointment

I haven’t played the game yet, but what I’ve been waiting for, for years appears disappointing. The game is a departure from the path the series has taken – but it is more a realization of the original goal, to let users build maps.


The first Sim Cities treated you like an urban planner/mayor, where you zoned areas, layed pipes, built parks and schools… But ultimately developers chose where and what they wanted to build. Sim Societies seems like a micro management version of the Civilization series. Admittedly I’ve always wanted more control of the cities in Civilization games – but I found Sim City to be a relief from the macro management strategies.
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21 Responses

  1. JohnnyC says:

    This is crazy, I posted something similar on my blog. I was very disappointed too when I saw the first screenshots even.. I was hoping for a realistic city building simulator, not this horrible game. The game is still in development so we can’t judge it 100% but so far there’s no way in hell I’m gonna buy this…

  2. Joshua Davis says:

    Looks like City Life will be the new game for SimCity fans. That is as long as Monte Cristo gets its act together with those obvious bugs – and includes more buildings.

  3. JohnnyC says:

    Yeah City Life looks better then this. Hopefully in the future they will make a realistic city builder. Maybe once Will Wright is done with developing “Spores”. Maybe he will find time in his busy schedule to actually start working on a ‘real’ simcity sequel! For now we have to do with City Life I guess…

  4. vortical says:

    The writing for this has been on the wall ever since the Sims took off. EA is following the money, and it’s leading to a dumbed down game that they can use to sell more copies of The Sims.

    Maxis realizes something that EA doesn’t though. There are a LOT of faithful simcity fans out there who are not going to pay good money for some hacked up hybrid. Thats why Maxis bailed out of the project while they still could.

  5. Jon says:

    A lot of people don’t seem to understand that this IS NOT Simcity 5. I would call this game more of a spin off to the series rather than a sequel. This game obviously focuses much more on the social aspects of a city rather than the actual city.
    Hopefully once Spore is done with they will start developing the next sequel in the series with the necessary improvements. I just seriously hate those freaking dissappearing cars.

  6. David says:

    Well when I got SimSocieties I was expecting a good high end realisitic game… but honestly it’s garbage there is only so much you can do. Ya it is fun to make the cities still but it gets boring quickly. I never got bored with SimCity 4 though. I hope SimCity 5 is made because this doesn’t even come close. EA games just rushes through everything… why can’t they slow down and make something nice, they’ve about 10 thousand games out there and they’re just… blah! I hope they make a real SimCity 5 and not this… SimSocieties is better for children 10 year olds etc. They should base something more for people in their teens and older.

  7. George says:

    Maybe Will right can team up with Monte Cristo and make the next version of City Life, Sim City Life, or something.

  8. Douglas Agawa says:

    i bought the sim societies game… its ok.. but i am not pleased with it at all…. i am in civil eng. at the local college here.. and thats one of the reasons why i like the sim city series. this game (sim society) is more political and concenrates way to much on the social aspect of a city… …. which stears away from how sim city really was.. city planning!.. i will say though sim s. has great graphics.. still i went and re bought SC4… socities wasn’t worth the 50$ i payed for….

  9. bernyo says:

    Dont mix Sim City Societies with Sim City 5. That is to be announced, as rumor says in july in the next edition of Games for Windows.

  10. Clint says:

    i hope they make a good version of Simcity, one where its not a photoshop and you place all your buildings. in all honesty they should not have let the creater of Civilation IV to make a simcity game, they are totally not alike. anyways if they release a simcity 5 with actually simcity building tools ill be pleased, but at this point im am extremely unhappy with EA for realeasing this crap.

  11. ronnie dunn says:

    i bought sim city societies the night i got my taxes back planning being up for a week building the ultimate city instead played for an hour and uninstalled it threw it in a drawer where it has been eversince hoping i can find someone to pawn it off on
    the way ea sports pawned it off on me as being the next step in sim city world

  12. Rob Willis says:

    Yeah, I got Sim City Societies for Christmas, and absolutely hated it in every single aspect. And then when I tried to find some kind of recourse from EA, like a refund for a terrible game that I hated after the first 10 minutes, there was none. Absolutely terrible. I hope Sim City 5 becomes a reality, not the garbage game that Societies is…

  13. Sam Bonney says:

    Haven’t bought the Sim City Societies game yet and judging by the amount of negative feedback I’ve been reading…not just on this site…I don’t think I will. When will Sim City 5 be relaesed?? How’d you find out if theres going to be one??

  14. Joshua says:

    Sam, we probably won’t until the game magazines start talking about it. About once a month I’d Google “sim city 5” and see what the new rumors, articles… say.

  15. Janet says:

    Save your money! Simcity Societies is cute, but it gets boring very fast. I just got the Sims box, so I tired the “destinations” expansion, and I didn’t see anything any different? Boring. I’ve had a lot more fun playing SimCity4, which I had from a long time ago, but I lost (it’s likely somewhere in storage).

    I think they have ran out of ideas. I also like Caesar, but the latest addition is not nearly as much fun as the older ones. It seems they are only improving the graphics, but the game play suffers in the process.

    I am going to try Spore, I hear it’s fun.

  16. Sayang says:

    i think,
    simcity Societies is cute boring..
    because, it likes we do not develep the city,
    we juz make the city more to beauty,
    until now,
    i juz play simcity4 for the long234 times..
    i hope the new simcity will come with more fun n more likely love

  17. wapwork wap says:

    I think the answer is here :

    Maybe we can have something better that City Life and sooner than a Sim(s) “City” 5 from EA…

  18. sayang says:

    cities XL made by maxis?
    or not?
    i see..
    its just pretty good~

  19. Harvey says:

    This isn’t Simcity 5, idiots. Its a spinoff of the Simcity series. Societies.

    It has nothing to do with the Maxis Simcity series. But more of a child sandbox game.

    Simcity 5 has yet to be announced. Societies wasn’t it.

  20. dave says:

    A real city simulator would include interactions with neighbor city like SC4. It would have a regional budget to be able to have big highway to cross into small and less populated village. It would harvest natural resource such as forest, mines and sea to enhance the economy simulation. It would offer better and more complex ways of transportation management. It would offer more governmental and tourist orriented buildings.

  21. Terrell Dean says:

    Sim City 4 is so much better that socities and you do get bored after a while ,there is a petition for what we want in Sim City5 we want what what is real.

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