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Proof The GOP Fails the Black Vote

If you go to, the official website of the Republican party you’ll find they have multiple categories for various issues. Immigration reform, woman, economy… They also have one for African-Americans, but when you visit that category they have only one blog post.

It goes on to talk about how African America education scores have increased on the Republican white house and congress. I guess that’s why lower SAT scores where blamed on more African Americans and Latinos taking the test. Anyways I’m not here to critique their lone post.

Today the Senate will be holding a vote on weather Washington DC (62% black) will have proper representation in the House of Representatives. The vote today is only a procedural one, if they get 60 or more votes to avoid a filibuster, then they’ll move on to the real “vote” later this session. But house minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) says “The right to vote is fundamental, and I will fight any attempt to dilute or impede that right, my opposition to this bill rests instead on a single all-important fact: It is clearly and unambiguously unconstitutional.” Most other Senate Republicans hold this view.

Not to vilify all Republicans on this issue, because Tom Davis (R-Va) cosponsored this legislation. But if this vote fails due to Republican opposition it will be the first voting rights filibuster since segregation was ended.


The vote had 57 yes votes, and 42 no votes, with a Democrat from West Virginia, missing the vote, because he believes it is unconstitutional. Either ways they would have still been 2 votes short.


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