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Gary Baise was the first EPA Chief of Staff. He has worked on many cases concerning the environment. And now he (a Republican) is running for county chairman in a heavily Democratic jurisdiction. Most of his views are anti-liberal, from his stance that the County needs an “Ironclad immigration lock-down,” to his views that “Education spending should be second or third priority.”

But the one issue he “agrees” with Democrats on is the environment. This may come as a shock, but in reality he’s toting the party line. The GOP views the EPAs goal as “Restoring the balance between the environment and America.” By that they mean allowing oil drilling from the Everglades to Alaskan wildlife preserves, allowing companies to use dangerous pesticides, and a myriad of other offenses.

The Washington Post even did an article on just how many times this so called Republican environmentalist worked against the environment. In the 80s Baise defended building a highway under New York’s Upper Westside, claiming it would not destroy fish habitats, when he had knowledge it would. Gary Baise also defended farmers burning land to such an extent it caused others respiratory issues.

And this guy says the current chairman “Put to much of an emphasis on mass transit.” The current chairman, Gerry Connoly (D-At Large) pushed heavily for metro rail through Fairfax Counties downtown, which is also the Nations 12th largest business district. The current chairman has also put on hold plans to expand some of the main arteries into Tysons Corner. But Baise wants to widen the road, making the 6 lane, highspeed road even more pedestrian unfriendly.

I don’t have a problem with this guy for holding views opposite of mine. But discouraging transit use can not be called environmentalism. Nor can opposing building walkable communities near transit stops be called that. It reminds of how the Republican party are masters at calling right wrong, and wrong right. Sort of like the Patriot Act is perhaps the most unpatriotic law.


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