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Teen Accused of “Child Molestation” Freed

Genarlow Wilson, now a man, has been ordered set free by the Georgia Supreme Court. In 2005, the then 17 year old was accused of child molestation for having oral sex consensually performed on him by another 17 year old.

I don’t know about you, but when was the last time you heard of someone thrown in jail for consensual sex? Being that this occurred in Georgia I just assumed racism, with a persistent district attorney appealing his first “cruel and unusual” punishment ruling, which would have let him walk free earlier. But then I found the Attorney General Thurbert Baker, was Democratic and -gasp- black.  I assume others in his office must have pressured him into not looking a person who was lenient on people of his own race, which lead him to fight for this man to be put in prison for something, many, many people do every day.

But thanks to Jack and Jill Politics, I realized the 17 year old girl may have been white, and thus reason for a legal “lynching.” If so this explains the harsh sentencing. But whatever the reason behind this, I’m glad that the justice system, has at least this time, restored the justice part of their name.


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