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Giuliani Exaggerates Again, This Time Fakes Cancer Stats

Rudy Giuliani has been trying to humanize himself lately, today he was picking pumpkins New Hampshire. But that’s not what I want to talk about, he also mentioned his battle with prostate cancer over the weekend. He says “That in America the survival rate for prostate cancer is 82%, while it’s 44% in England.” He elaborates that “He may have not survived if the health care system had been socialized.”

After doing a quick Google search, I found Cancer Research UK says that the survival rate in England is 72%. But Giuliani’s contrast wasn’t to highlight cancer survival rates, it was to complain about a system in which he believes “Americans will be forced to be part of government health care system.” Interestingly, the statistic he cited was 28 points off, just like his other claims.

If you remember New York City was attacked twice while Rudy was mayor. The first was the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings. He took five years to establish a central command center, despite calls after the terrorist attack to build one. And guess where he put it? In the same complex that had been attacked. He also ignored warnings about faulty radios, which resulted in the unnecessary death of many firefighters.

Most of all he hid the dangers of the World Trade Center dust after 9/11. In an article published in the September 2007 Discover magazine, they report on a class action lawsuit of 10,000 individuals, most of who have come down with illnesses as a result of 9/11. Many of these people suffering from rare disease due to the local, state, and federal government covering up damage to Lower Manhattan to preserve real estate values.

Giulani knew the New York economy would be hurt if people knew Lower Manhattans dangers, so he instead sold New Yorkers and Americans to real estate interests. And now he claims to be a patriotic terrorist fighter?


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