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The Global American Dictatorship

Whenever something terrorist like is occurring in this world, I always notice a heightened presence of police/fire department patrols. The most recent time this happened was yesterday, when Musharraf further turned Pakistan into a dictatorship. Then I realized this dictator wasn’t one of the bad guys, but was an ally of Bush.

Every time I realized this guy was American backed I got a bad feeling in my stomach. As Americans we’re supposed to be freedom lovers – so much that we’ll kill 500,000 Iraqis to give them “God’s gift.” But then this dream of freedom was shattered (sarcasm). I realized that America was supporting a milatary junta/strongman/regime or whatever the neocons word of the day for those are.

It also seems contradictory, why Bush supports an elected Democracy in Iraq, but not in Pakistan? It appears that all he cares about is being able to control foreign leaders. In Iraq if you don’t support Bush’s political will, you get thrown out of the green zone – to the angry mob.

This so called American interest foreign policy doesn’t benefit Americans, because it fuels anti-Americanism. If I was living in an oppressed country that bowed to every American whim, I can be sure I would hate this country. And do we really want the world to hate us? Maybe leaving other countries alone, and letting them develop a non-American dependent military and economies would be better for America in the long run.


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