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Why All The Focus on Just the Jena 6?

African American Opinion has another interesting blog, this time it’s about gender inequality in civil rights. The writer points out wonders why Meagan Williams has less media/blog/activist coverage than the Jena 6:

It came to my attention a little while ago that there was a rally in West Virginia for Megan Williams, the young lady who was tortured for days at the hands for a group of white people. There were a few hundred people rallying at the state capitol in Charleston. A few hundred people. UGGGGGHH! This makes me sick. I didn’t hear about this until the whole thing was over. And even when I did hear about the rally, it was only through an email list for black professional women. […]

Why on earth do we put more value and attention to the Jena 6, a bunch of teenage boys who beat up a white kid at school, than on Megan Williams, a woman who herself was beaten ans sexually assaulted by a bunch of whites? Why? What is so much more important in the Jena 6 than Megan Williams? Where are our so-called leaders? Oh, that’s right. It’s about a black woman, not a man.

This is ridiculous. Megan Williams and other black women in this country need our support just like black men do. Jesse and Al and Mike Baisden and all those other black radio hosts that were pushing for the National Blackout Day and telling everybody to wear black on that day in October should have been telling everyone to get to West Virginia to support Megan Williams.

She makes some interesting and valid points. But one arguable difference here is that “The System,” was against the six boys in Jena, and even continues to be. In West Virginia, at least the government is doing something to prosecute the six criminals.


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  1. mozcram says:

    The Jena Six is also important as it highlights the gross inequalities in the criminal justice system as practiced in many places, and reminds us that though the laws may be fair,
    the enforcement can be ridiculously unjust.

    The DA in Jena (as you know) threatened the black students who had been protesting the hanging of the nooses, with wiping out of their lives, “with a stroke of my pen”.
    And one could say, he nearly succeeded at making good on his threat.

    That a DA can get away with that kind of racist abuse of power is a red flag for us regarding the state of our legal system and of racial relations. Things are better, but not well yet…
    What is your take on this?

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