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Maybe Ron Paul Is Good After All

Libertarianism is about unrestricted freedom, and so is the Internet. So it’s not surprising that Ron Paul and the Internet where a natural match. He has uploaded the most videos to YouTube, and claims to have raised $3 million online in one day.

But I’m no where near endorsing Ron Paul. My point is that the people are taking back the press – and this is due to the Internet. Today the local elections occur in my state of Virginia. After doing my usual round of blog posting I went to check how many visits I had on my local blog. And today that blog had a record number of visits – greater than when one of our residents was killed in India (don’t you love local news).

But I’m not here to brag about it’s visits. Most of the people who visited my site where searching for information about one of the candidates. Due to the local newspapers inability to have a reasonably good online presence, those searching for information came to my site. Hopefully I influenced some peoples views.

But there’s one problem, in Reston I’ve found only a handful of other blogs, most echoing generally my beliefs. On my blog I do have an agenda to pass, and that’s where the danger enters in. Those searching for information get only one view. That’s why blogging and other Web 2.0 activities are so important, especial for people who can’t vote, but still want a say, like teens and “illegal” immigrants.

The web has become an inseparable part of our Democracy and everyone needs to contribute. Maybe you don’t have time to write a blog post – but certainly if you’re already online you can post a comments. But it’s time for more than just geeks, liberals, and youth to give back the power of the press. If America will work we all need to use our first amendment rights.


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