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America For Sale

George Bush has been the only president to cut taxes in a time of a war. Consequently the US has a record deficit. And here we have Fred Thompson using a text book example of failed Reaganomics. He wants to cut taxes and increase milatary spending.

Thompson said Tuesday he wants a military ground force that includes 775,000 in the Army and 225,000 Marines. That would be 23,000 more Marines than the Pentagon currently is seeking.

Thompson didn’t say how he would pay for or recruit those forces. He did say that military spending should be set at 4.5 percent of the value of the goods and services the nation creates, or gross domestic product. His campaign later said that would be the equivalent of increasing current military spending by up to $150 billion a year, but that increases would be phased in and depend on economic growth.

This is fine for the selfish baby boomer generation. They get to use social security, receive tax cuts, wage wars for cheaper oil… and the best thing for them: they don’t have to pay a cent. The current administration is leaving a precarious financial situation for future generations, because the kids, teens, and young adults of today will be paying for their parents deficit.

But Fred Thompson wants to increase the ground forces of Americas military to 1,000,000 men. The Republican presidential contenders are all working to beat each other in claims of increasing military size. These tax cuts and wars mostly benefit the rich (especially the FairTax because it leaves the wealthy with a large amount of untaxed income) and corporations.
Iraq sits on $30 trillion worth of oil, and the only reason America is still fighting a costly war is because the Iraqi Parliament still hasn’t ceded it’s oil fields to American companies. As soon as such legalisation is passed troop reductions (and consequently the war bill) will drop. But of course the Iraqis don’t want to hand $30 trillion to the US, so we continue to fight for BOil, and give Big Oil tax breaks.

I’m glad Obama was honest and said we need to raise Social Security tax, because anyone else who won’t raise taxes is buying the vote with your tax dollars. But Americans are selfish people, and ideas like Hilary’s $5000 “baby bond” cash giveaway, and the Republicans tax cuts are ways for them to buy the American democracy. And once they do that they’ll sell it to the corporate interests that will buy them.


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